Novgorod – under construction

I am currently in Novgorod, until tomorrow evening. I arrived last night, and my host is able to have me until Sunday afternoon.  This is just a small update from an internet place in the centre of Novgorod, but they don’t have an accessible usb port on this machine, so I’m not able to upload my last entries, that I have on a usb stick, nor any photos. I’ll try to post them when I get to Moscow on Monday, instead.

Today I’ve been walking around the historical centre of Novgorod, which is all being renovated because the city celebrates 1150 years in 2009. It’s a small city in Russian standards, only about 200 thousand inhabitants, but it’s been important in Russian history. It owes much to the Scandinavian vikings, who had much trade going through, and in the museum today I saw lots of viking artifacts from various archaeological digs!

This’ll be it for now, more to come later.

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