Dress code, times, places & other details

Dress code and theme:
The Good ol’ Days (Choose your favorite era, and be stylish!)
PS: Remember that it might be very warm during the day, and/or it might get chilly at night, see Weather.


Arendal is our little slice of heaven (or ‘hole’ of heaven, as Jakob’s cousin says), and we want to share that with you. The local joke is that no one needs to travel anywhere in summer because they live in Norway’s ideal summer destination. Check this album for pictures in and around Arendal during summer.

Austre Moland Kirke, Arendal
July 26, 2:30 pm

We chose this church not only because it is unique and old, but also because Gjerulf’s grandparents have been members here for a very long time.

Øygardsbukta, Arendal
July 26, after the wedding (approx 4:30 pm – 2 am?)

Dancing to follow dinner, with lots of good music in the same theme!

Should I bring something?
We encourage everyone travelling from abroad to bring a local beverage (alcoholic or nonalcoholic) from their home that others might partake in. This could be local beer, wine, whiskey, juice, coffee, tea, and/or something from your ‘home brewery.’ We will set up a table specially for sampling these drinks.
For those who live in Norway, we ask that you bring a side dish appropriate for a BBQ such as salads, cakes, snacks and the like.

How long should I plan to stay?
That is entirely up to you. Our outdoor ‘camp site’ next to the house will be available from approx. July 23 until the end of the month. The indoor ‘camping’ at Fredly is available Thursday July 24 through Sunday July 27.

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