On request, here is a question and answer page. Thanks for the idea, Heather, your questions come first. 🙂

Q: What’s the plan for your travels?
A: I will be in Malaysia probably until October, after that your guess is as good as mine… 😉

Q: When are you going home?
A: I don’t know. If I have enough money come October, I’ll probably keep on travelling,  or I might head back to Norway again if I’m low on cash.

Q: What is your most important advice to those who may be thinking about doing the same kind of travels?
A: Save up some cash and just DO IT. 😀
Start out with finding out what countries you want to go to, and figure out if you need to apply for visas in advance. Chances are Russia  and China will be easiest to apply for visa from your home country.
DONT buy malaria pills in a western country, buy them where you’re going, it will save you loads of money.
Try couchsurfing, it will get you closer to the local way of life.
Work and travel, working along the way could keep you travelling indefinitely. Become a dive professional, and you can get work basically anywhere in coastal areas in the tropics.
Talk to other travellers along the way, and be flexible in where you are going, it will let you go to awesome places your guidebook doesn’t mention.

Q: What do you feel you’re learning and get from your travels?
A: Patience, tolerance, history, geography, cultures, languages, traditions, and quite importantly more about who I am and how I react in new and different situations.

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