I'm leaving...

On Saturday October 11 from 7pm, I’m having a going-away-party. The venue will be Kulturlaboratoriet, Ryfylkegata 45, Stavanger. Dress code: Casual.

Kulturlaboratoriet about Kulturlaboratoriet: “Kulturlaboratoriet (K-lab) is a studio for artists of different kinds. In addition to being a creative work place, we often arrange parties and concerts to celebrate what we do.”

Everyone’s invited, I’m hoping to say goodbye to as many people as possible that night. Bring your own drinks and food. Kulturlaboratoriet will also be selling beer at NOK 20 a bottle. (Cash only)

I just sent out a text to a lot of people, and realized seconds after I’d sent it that I’d left out date and time… I’ll be answering questions about that for the next couple of hours, I guess…

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