The day has arrived

The day when I leave Stavanger. In about two hours, my father will be here with a car and trailer, and all that’s left to do is try to fit all my crap… I’ve been packing for like two weeks, and finally I’m there. I’ve sold some stuff to my flat mates, some stuff I’ve given away, and some I’ve taken to the recycling facility, but I still have some doubts as to whether it’ll all fit in the car…

The company that’s getting me my visas finally got a move on, so now my passport is at some embassy or other, getting the right stamps and signatures.

I had a great time at the party on Saturday. I got there like five to seven, and Christian was already there. In the next couple of hours people arrived, and I hope all who tried to find us did… 🙂  In any case; thank you to all of you who were there to make my going away party a great night, I’ve already said goodbye to you, and to all you who didn’t make it, sayonara to you too!

Now I need some breakfast, stop by the dive shop to see if my certificates have arrived, return library books, drop off a camera I’ve borrowed, and about a dozen other small things I need to remember. The next time I write, I shall be homeless! 😀