Wedding Gifts, Donations, and Registries

Our greatest wish is to see our friends and family together celebrating with us. “Your presence is our gift,” as the saying goes, and that goes especially for those who are traveling long distances to be with us. We have noted in Practical Information that we request those who can to bring a type of drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) that is local to your home country or state. We will organize a sampling table so everyone gets a chance to try the ‘tastes of the world.’

In addition we have made a “Honeyfund” site, where those who wish to are welcome to contribute to our honeymoon. This is done in the form of gifts of varying amounts which pay for a portion of traveling, or a dinner, or a massage at a spa, etc. Our Honeyfund is found here.

We have also collected some ideas for gifts ideas for our home, most of which are board games. We have collected the ideas on an Amazon wedding registry, which can be found here.

We would also love to have donations made to charity organizations in our name. A few examples are:

Kirkens Bymisjon

Kirkens Nødhjelp

Act Alliance

SOS Children’s Villages

World Vision International


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