It’s been a few days since I landed in Bali, and my internet access has been sporadic at best. I did a clean install of xp on my eee, but it’s still so slow it seems fast only in geological terms. I for some reason was unable to reinstall the nLited version I was running before, so it’s now running full xp, and not handling it well.

I have five knowledge reviews of independent study to go, and the IDC briefing is tomorrow. Still need to shop for some equipment, but all hours of daylight have been spent studying, so I haven’t had the opportunity yet.

I’ve met my class mates, and been hanging out with a few of them. A Finnish couple, Eeva and Heikki, turned out to be LARPers, not a very common occurrence! I’m looking forward to getting my nose out of the books, and also to getting a better idea of what we’ll be doing in the weeks to come. The other candidates have been here a while already, while I haven’t even quite figured out what questions I need to ask… 😛
It’s almost midnight, and I need to get up early, so this’ll have to be the whole update for now.

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