In storage

In Storage

We packed tight, and used every available nook and cranny in the car and trailer to stuff something into, but I wasn’t able to fit all my things in the car and trailer on Monday. As a result I had to return on Tuesday to pick up the rest.

I left from my parents’ place on Tuesday morning, drove back to Stavanger, loaded the rest of my  stuff and returned on Tuesday evening. Having finally put all of it in my parents’ loft feels wonderful! I’m really thankful I don’t have to unpack again for a while…

The newest news is that my old job at Vardeneset has decided to equip me with a camera, so that I can send some footage back to them from my travels! As part of the video-project the congretion of Vardeneset is doing, I am going to make small video clips for them, that they can use in the youth work. The subjects of these clips haven’t been decided as of yet, but I’m thinking I could do little pieces on the everyday lives of Christians in other places on the planet, about the history of important religious sites and the like. For this, I’m being equipped with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5, a compact camera with 10x optical zoom and the ability to record high definition video at 30fps in the 720p format. I am a little worried about audio quality, as there is no option to attach an external microphone, but I hope it’ll work out. I’m planning to buy the underwater housing for it, the Panasonic DMW-MCTZ5E, so that I can use it when diving as well, but it depends on whether I can get it in time for my departure. Pixmania is supposed to get it in storage tomorrow, so I’ll have a look then. It’s a good deal cheaper if I buy it from the UK (, but then there’s the chance that it’ll get stuck in customs too long…

Other than that, today was rather uneventful. I got up, had breakfast, set up my computer and surfed the net for a while, did some laundry that I brought with me from Stavanger, walked my parents’ dog, made dinner, and watched a couple of episodes of Smallville. Oh, and I spent an hour on Skype with my little sister in Brazil!( She hasn’t posted anything on her blog yet, but promised to do so real soon)

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