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Winter is coming…

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Winter means monsoon time in the Perhentian Islands, so it’s high time to make plans to get out of here. I was nurturing a hope that I’d be able to go to New Zealand, but I have a student loan running, and need to keep up with downpayments.  I have enough to either go to NZ, or make my next payment, so my hands are forced in the matter,  I am going HOME! Do not get me wrong, I am very excited to go home to friends and family, especially since Uncle Travelling Gjerulf is becoming an uncle for the second time, come November, and I was not around for the first one, as I was out travelling!  I am NOT, however, looking forward to another Norwegian winter,  I would prefer going back in the summer…

For those who are curious about the details surrounding my repatriation, here’s the plan: Odd Helge, my friend from Norway who is here diving with me, will be my travel companion for the journey. We fly out of Kuala Lumpur on October 13, and will be touching down on Norwegian soil on October 14, in Gardemoen airport, Oslo. He will continue to Stavanger right away, while I will hang around Oslo for a bit to catch up with friends and family there. If you are in Oslo Friday October 15, I am thinking of going out for a couple of brewskis, so feel free to join me! Eventually I will make my way west from Oslo, through Arendal and Vanse, and visit loved ones on my way to Stavanger. My E.T.A. in the Oil Capital could be around November 1, and then I hope to meet up with as many as possible as well! Open up a spot

For those of you who are well connected in Rogaland, I could do with some assistance setting myself up with a habitat [ranging from mattress in a cupboard to rented apartment], a mode of transport [bicycle plus car with room for dive gear and/or larp gear] and a source of income [job for a few months to a year, my services are sold to he highest bidder :P]. I am also looking for dive buddies who are familiar with the wrecks on the south and southwestern coast of Norway, or who want to become familiar with them. 😉

Looking forward to seeing you again, Noddelands and other Norwegians!

Snow in Arendal

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

I am currently sitting with my eee in the public library in Arendal, watching the snow quickly melt away as the sun is shining brightly through the pouring rain(!)

Grandma and me at the opera house in OsloThis weekend I went with my grandparents to Oslo. We visited my cousin Simon, who turned seven on Friday. 🙂 It’s almost a little embarassing, but that was the first time I’ve ever been at my aunt and uncle’s (Anne and Ånen) place… It was really nice seeing them, though. I spent much of the weekend with my cousin, helping him build his new Star Wars lego sets! I also went to see the new opera house in Oslo with my grandma. It’s been hyped a lot, but it is actually a rather architectually fascinating building!

I am staying with my paternal grandparents in Arendal, which is something I haven’t done in ages. Yesterday I bought a Lonely Planet guide to the Trans Siberian Railway. I’ve been browsing it just a little, but it looks like a really useful book. After I’d been to town to buy the guide, I had dinner with my maternal grandmother. It’s good to be able to spend time with my family before I leave!

I am still not entirely sure when I’ll be leaving for St. Petersburg, but most likely it will be late next week. My passport now has a Russian, Mongolian and Chinese visa, and it’s going to the Nepalese consulate tomorrow or the day after. There was a little hickup, because it turned out to be impossible to get a Chinese visa after first getting a Nepalese one, and the Chinese visa does not allow entrance into the Tibet province. I’ll have to apply for entrance into Tibet when I am in China. Also, the Nepalese consulate does not have any set office hours, but Helge from Privjet will try to get hold of the consul tomorrow, so he can give him my passport directly instead of mailing it. This in order to save a couple of days in the mail. I will contact my cousin in Oslo about when I’ll be getting there as soon as I know myself.

This afternoon I’ll be having dinner at my grandparents’ place, with another uncle and aunt, my father and my maternal grandma. (I said goodbye to my mother last Friday, before I left for Oslo. She had to go back to Vanse, but my father is working in and around Arendal this week.)