Getting there and away

Map of the places mentioned below
Wedding Map

By plane:
For tickets, you can use Momondo or another trip planner, or check Norwegian Airlines directly.
The cheapest option is to fly into Oslo, at Gardermoen (OSL). There are smaller airports at Rygge (RYG) or Torp (TRF). You can get to Arendal from any of them by train or bus.

Torp is on the “right” side of Oslo, and closer to Arendal, but mainly used by low cost airlines like Ryan Air. Kristiansand Kjevik (KRS) is the closest airport, but quite small and  normally fairly expensive compared to Oslo.
You can also fly in to Stavanger (SVG), where we live. It is approximately the same travel time to Arendal as from Oslo. Just remember that we will be leaving for Arendal a few days before the wedding.

By train: is the one and only train service in Norway and costs 249NOK or about $40 for the ‘minipris,’ or cheapest ticket. There are play rooms for the kids and a cafe on board. The main railroad between Stavanger and Oslo goes through Kristiansand (but nowhere near the airport) but it bypasses Arendal. Therefore to get all the way to Arendal by train, you have to changing trains in Nelaug (which is in the exact middle of nowhere). You then take this smaller, local train (which exists simply because the main line stops in the exact middle of nowhere) into the center of Arendal.

By bus:
There are several buses between Kristiansand and Oslo, and they all stop in Arendal on the way. The stop is sometimes referred to as “Harebakken.”

By car:
Getting to Norway by car from the south involves a ferry. Check for example ferries into Kristiansand from Hirtshals, Denmark on Fjordline or Color Line. From Kristiansand you travel east towards Oslo on E18, and from Oslo you travel west towards Kristiansand on E18. At exit 71 (Harebakken) you go north (right if you come from Oslo, left if you come from Kristiansand) for almost 1 kilometer, then turn right. (This is approximately where Fredly Bedehus is, see Accomodation). Some 350 meters down the road, turn right at an old garage, and you’re in the driveway. We will make sure to mark these turnoffs. Then go past a house, an old barn and a little cottage, and you’re there. (This might change in the next few months, as there is a large housing construction development coming exactly where the driveway starts today).

Note to drivers: we will keep you posted on where to park, but it will probably end up being in the parking lot at Fredly Bedehus, as the parking next to the house is quite limited.

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