Kuala Lumpur Layover

My flight arrived on time in Stansted, which meant I had an eight-and-a-half hour stopover before my flight to KL. We landed in KL 30 minutes ahead of schedule, after a twelve-and-a-half hour flight. I caught a bus downtown and a taxi to a hotel, had a meal of mee goreng, and went to bed.

This morning some guy in my dorm got up before five, and I, with my jet lag and compulsory air conditioning induced stuffed nose, couldn’t go back to sleep. (ever considered how odd it is that the nose can be completely blocked, and yet runny at the same time?) My flight is at 10:25, so I figured I might as well be sleepless in the airport, in the knowledge that I won’t be delayed by something to the extent of missing my flight. Hence, this entry is also written on the bus on my way to the an airport, but not posted from there, since this bus definately does not have wi-fi… 😛 (posted from KL LCCT airport)

As a side note to the air conditioning issue, i was planning to dispose of my winter boots, hoodie and cargo pants once I got to KL. The boots were conveniently “forgotten” at KL Sentral Tren & Bas Stesen (yes, that is in fact the correct spelling) I’m keeping the long sleeves and trousers. It had already completely slipped my mind how frakkin’ cold public transportation AC can be…

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