$850 shopping spree

Today I finally managed to find time to go shopping for diving equipment. It took an hour, and it meant me sitting in the class room preparing for my knowledge development presentation on Peak Performance Buoyancy till nine this evening, but it had to be done, and I’m eager to try it out!

*Warning, this paragraph is pure equipment talk* I bought the AquaLung Micron regulator, with a standard LPI hose, Calypso Titan Octopus, and SPG with integrated compass. That deal set me back a total of about $735. A pair of off-the-shelf booties cost another $35, and a safety sausage, pointer, writing slate and clips account for the rest. Originally this was almost $1000, but luckily Blue Season Bali, the dive centre I’m training with has a deal with the dive shop, that gave me a discount. I still haven’t looked everything up on the web to see how much it would’ve cost to buy online, and I’m not sure I want to, in case I find out I could’ve gotten it half as expensive if I’d gone web-shopping…

A couple of days ago we had our first session in the sea since I got here, and we’ve had a couple of pool sessions, but I really miss diving! I was prepared to not dive overly much when I got here, but one dive in over a week, and that one a pure skill training dive, is a bit on the tough side for the part of me that aches to explore the local dive sites a bit. 🙂

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